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C O F F E E . . .

                ... Mornings on the farm, the fresh warm aroma of coffee mixed with bacon and eggs frying        

                   on the griddle...

     ... Enjoyed "al fresco" at a quaint little café with the hustle & bustle of busy passersby...

     ... Savored after a five-course dinner at a famous restaurant served with fancy desserts...

     ... For commuters "on the go" the initial wake-up call to start each new day...

     ... For corporate "strategy-breakers" and "decision-makers" the drink to give you the edge...

     ... To kick back and linger with on a lazy Sunday morning...


C O F F E E . . .

   No other drink can evoke as many moods and emotions, it fills our every day from morning until night.  Not surprising... for coffee has been with us since the 10th Century where it was first discovered in an area known today as Ethiopia.  Americans became largely interested in coffee since the Boston Tea Party, and their interest has grown to make it America’s most popular beverage since the 18th Century.  Today, nearly one-third of all world imports of coffee come to the United States.  More than half of all Americans drink coffee.  It is still one of the world’s last true gourmet bargains - for a little as a dime a cup you can enjoy fresh-brewed exotic gourmet coffee at home or in the workplace. 

   The ideal cup of coffee is an individual preference involving many factors.  There must be a marriage of the conditions necessary for a proper brew - the blend, the roast, the grind, the amount of coffee used, proper water temperature and the type and cleanliness of the coffee making equipment being used.  With these elements coffee can fulfill its role of being the fine beverage that you look forward to enjoying, one delicious cup after another.

   We, at Coffee Roasters, Inc., are dedicated to bring you only the finest whole bean coffees that come from the world’s best known coffee producing regions.  They are called Arabica coffees, and often are grown at high altitudes in warm humid climates, and handpicked when ripe.  We offer these carefully selected specialty coffees only to those who seek the good things life has to offer. 

   Our gourmet coffees are fresh-roasted daily in a controlled environment to bring out an even color and capture the peak of flavor and aroma.  One of the most important considerations is the length of time the beans have been stored after roasting.  The bean’s flavor begins to decline right after roasting, and becomes noticeable after two weeks without the benefit of special packaging designed to prevent staleness.  We offer our coffees to you practically "hot" out of the roaster to ensure freshness and we deliver or ship them to you promptly.

   We have found that quality products, personal relationships, and honest-to-goodness service is what this business is all about.  Coffee Roasters, Inc. is a family business that puts quality ahead of price and customer service ahead of everything else.

… Taste the Flavor … Savor the Difference…

Our Mission Statement:

"To be constant in our commitment. To be so good at understanding and delivering

what is important to our customers, that we raise the level of their expectations

beyond what our competitors are even capable of providing."